Antiepidemic and Food

  • Galactooligosaccharides in milk powder

    Galactooligosaccharides in milk powder

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  • Various phosphate in food

    Various phosphate in food

    Foreword Phosphate is a widely used food additive and plays an important role in improving food quality.At present, food phosphates mainly include sodium salt, potassium salt, calcium salt, iron salt, zinc salt and so on.Phosphate is mainly used as water retainer, bulkin...
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  • Nitrate and nitrite in food

    Nitrate and nitrite in food

    Nitrosamine is one of the three most recognized carcinogens in the world, the other two are aflatoxins and benzo[a]pyrene. Nitrosamine is formed by nitrite and secondary amine in protein and is widely distributed in nature.The content of nitrosamine in salted fish, dried...
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  • Fructan in milk powder

    Fructan in milk powder

    At present, the analytical methods of fructose mainly include enzymology, chemistry and chromatography. Enzymatic method has high sensitivity and specificity, but it is easy to be interfered by pollutants in the sample. At the same time, it is difficult to isolate and pu...
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  • Bromate in wheat flour

    Bromate in wheat flour

    Potassium bromate, as an additive of flour, was widely used in flour production. It has two functions, one for white-rich, the other for paste ferment, which can make the bread softer and more beautiful. However, the scientists from Japan, Britain and America have found ...
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