Chemical Industry

  • Determination of Anions in 96% Sodium Chloride

    Determination of Anions in 96% Sodium Chloride

    Through this article, we want to show how to determine other ions in high concentration salt samples. Instruments and equipment CIC-D160 Ion chromatograph and IonPac AS11HC Column(with IonPac AG11HC Guard co...
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  • Synthetic polymer materials

    Synthetic polymer materials

    Using oxygen bomb combustion method to realize the quantitative analysis and detection of halogen in color masterbatch. In the airtight oxygen bomb combustion chamber, the sample to be measured was fully burned and absorbed by the absorbed liquid. Using CIC-D120 ion chro...
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  • Plating solution

    Plating solution

    According to the replacement of low boiling acid by high boiling acid, F - and Cl - are distilled together with sulfuric acid as distillation agent at a certain temperature for separation and enrichment. Using CIC-D120 ion chromatograph , SH-AC-3 anion columns. 3.6 mM ...
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  • Impurity ion in lithium salts

    Impurity ion in lithium salts

    Some kinds of lithium salt are the key component of electrolyte. The purity can effect the performance of battery. Chloride and Sulfate are especially concerned. CIC-D120 Ion Chromatograph,SH-AC-4 column,N...
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