• Determination of Chlorite, Chlorate and Bromate in Tap Water

    Determination of Chlorite, Chlorate and Bromate in Tap Water

    At present, the disinfectants used for drinking water disinfection mainly include liquid chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone. Chlorite is a by-product of chlorine dioxide disinfection, chlorate is a non-by-product brought by chlorine dioxide raw material, and bromate is...
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  • Halogenated acetic acid in drinking water

    Halogenated acetic acid in drinking water

    Samples are filtered by sand core filter. Using CIC-D120 ion chromatograph, SH-AC-3 anion chromatographic column, 2.4mM Na2CO3/3.6mM NaHCO3 eluent and bipolar pulse conductance method,under the recommended chromatographic conditions,the chromatogram is as follows. ...
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  • Mineral water

    Mineral water

    The mineral water is a kind of water which is spontaneously gushing from the deep underground or collected by drilling and contains a certain amount of minerals, trace elements or other components and is not polluted in a certain area and takes preventive measures to pre...
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  • Drinking water analysis

    Drinking water analysis

    Water is the source of life. We must make all people satisfied (adequate, safe and easy to get) water supply. Improving access to safe drinking water can bring tangible benefits to public health, and every effort should be made to ensure the safe use of drinking water. T...
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  • Oil analysis

    Oil analysis

    Based on the flammability of petroleum, chlorine, nitrogen and sulfur in petroleum products are converted into hydrides and oxides at high temperature by combustion furnace, then absorbed by alkali liquor . Using CIC-D120 ion chromatograph, SH-AC-3 anion column, 3.6 mM N...
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  • Oil field waste water

    Oil field waste water

    Choosing appropriate dilution ratio to dilute oil field waste water, the diluent was filtered by 0.22 um microporous membrane and treated by IC-RP column.If the sample contains heavy metal and transition metal ions, it must be treated by IC-Na column . Using CIC-D120 ion...
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  • Mud logging

    Mud logging

    During drilling, the recirculation and addition of drilling fluid will inevitably interact with stratum fluids and cause continuous chemical changes, which will change drilling fluid properties and lead to changes in ion species and concentration of drilling fluid filtra...
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