Kjeldahl Apparatus for Protein/Nitrogen Content Detection

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QKD-300 Kjeldahl apparatus is designed primarily for Kjeldahl analysis, which is widely applied to the fields of food processing, environmental monitoring,agriculture, scientific research, teaching and quality supervision so as to testthe Protein/Nitrogen content in cereal, water, soil, pharmacy,livestock, solid manure and so on, as well as the test of ammonium salt, volatile fatty acids.

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Working mode  Automatically distill, add alkali/acid and store data.
Sample capacity  Solid Distillation speed
Measuring range 0.1-240mgN
Display mode  LED digital display
Alkali/acid addition time 0-99secs
Distillation time 0-99 seconds Distillation capacity
Distillation Power  1500 W
Storage capacity  ten batches
Recovery rate >99.5%
<strong>Distillate temperature and water level real-time monitor  preventing steam bottle boiled away</strong>
Overvoltage protection  Yes
Repetition rate 0.5%
Humanized operation  Emergency stopping functionality
Material of shell  ABS, strong acid/alkali resistant, preventing electric leakage
Material of pipes  specially pipes by Peiou, corrosion-free material and alkali/acid resistant to ensure long lifetime.
Accessories  Mainframe, Liquid collecting bottle(one), Alkali bucket(one), Distilled water bucket(one), Cleaning water bucket(one)
Power supply  AC 220V 10% 50Hz
Water supply  water pressure>0.15Mpa, temperatue of water<20`C
Net weight  15kg
Dimension 300*300*700mm
Kjeldahl Apparatus

Technology Advantage
Machine shell is made of ABS plastic, which prevents the problem of corrosion "never rust"(Its working environment is full of strong acid and alkali).
Special rubber connectors made of corrosion-free material and high temperature resistance and alkali/acid resistance plastics are used to connect the inner tubes, whichenhance the accuracy and operating life of the instrument without replace for 3 years.

Adding alkali or acid with constant pressure on the alkali bucket from pressure pump extrudes alkali liquor, which exterminates corrosion of the alkali pump and ensures the accuracy of alkali/acid addition. Moreover, RSD of distillation is enhanced and the fault rate is efficiently reduced. Over-pressure protection of the inner tube ensures the balance of steam output and effectively prevents the suck-back of the samples.

Its single chip computer control and the setting of automaticcally adding alkali/acid, distilling and storing data ensure the testing process to be much faster, more accurate and stable.
More than 10 different programs of pre-heating, cleansing, alkali/acid addition are available.
Cleaning control system can intelligently clean the distiller and alkali/acid pipelines, making the distillation more thorough and accurate.

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