Environmental Protection

  • Atmospheric particles

    Atmospheric particles

    The environmental samples of a certain volume or time are collected according to the sampling requirements of TSP, PM10, natural dust and dust storms in the atmosphere. A quarter of the filter membrane samples collected are accurately cut into plastic bottles,adding 20mL...
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  • Surface water

    Surface water

    Surface water is generally relatively clean. After 30 minutes of natural precipitation, taking the non precipitation part of the upper layer for analysis. If there are many suspended substances in the water sample or the color is darker, pretreat it by centrifugation, fi...
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  • Environmental analysis

    Environmental analysis

    F-, Cl-, NO2-, SO42-, Na+, K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, etc. are the necessary items to be detected in the study of atmospheric quality and rainfall. Ion chromatography (IC) is the most suitable method for the analysis of these ionic substances. Atmospheric gas sample:Gener...
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