Desktop High-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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TGL series desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is used for bacteria, protein, nucleic acid extraction, subcellular component separation, clinical test sample processing, suitable for medical, life science, biopharmaceutical, agricultural science, environmental protection and other scientific research units, universities.

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Technology Advantage
All-steel multi-layer explosion-proof structure, stainless steel centrifugal cavity.
Maintenance-free DC variable frequency motor drive, smooth and quiet operation.

Microcomputer processor precise control, digital display, easy operation, automatic calculation of centrifugal force RCF value, speed and centrifugal force can be switched with each other by one key.

It adopts fluorine-free compressor unit, double-cycle refrigeration, strong heat and cold exchange capacity, precise temperature control, fast cooling and no environmental pollution.
10-speed acceleration and deceleration control, Store 10 groups of commonly used programs.

Mute automatic electronic door lock, easy to use, with emergency door opening function.
The spring cone sleeve is used to connect the rotor and the main shaft. The rotor is simple and fast to install and remove, non-directional, safe and reliable.

Door lock, overspeed,temperature and imbalance automatic protection,Self-diagnostic error.
Passed ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, TUV certification.

Max Speed 16000r/min Max RCF 20600*g
Max Volume 6*100ml Temperature Range -20℃~40℃
Timer 1~9h/59min Noise ≤60dBA
Dimension 610*570*370mm Net Weight 82KG
Speed Accuracy ±20r/min Power supply AC220/100V,50/60HZ,10A
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃

TGL16 Matched Rotors

Rotors No. Rotors type Max speed(r/min) Volume(ml) Max RCF(×g)
No30401 Angle rotor 16000r/min 12×1.5/2ml 17940×g
No30402 Angle rotor 14000r/min 40×0.5ml 19970×g
No30403 Angle rotor 15000r/min 24×1.5/2ml 20600×g
No30404 Angle rotor 13500r/min 30×1.5/2ml 19340×g
No30405 Angle rotor 15000r/min 16×5ml 19350×g
No30406 Angle rotor 14000r/min 12×7ml 16370×g
No30407 Angle rotor 10000r/min 12×15ml 11840×g
No30408 Angle rotor 12000r/min 12×10ml 14510×g
No30409 Angle rotor 12000r/min 8×20ml 14510×g
No30410 Angle rotor 12000r/min 6×30ml 14000×g
No30411 Angle rotor 11000r/min 6×50ml 13480×g
No30412 Angle rotor 10000r/min 6×70ml 10810×g
No30413 Angle rotor 10000r/min 4×100ml 10310×g
No30414 Angle rotor 10000r/min 6×100ml 11380×g
No30415 Angle rotor 14000r/min 6×10ml 16460×g
No30416 Angle rotor 15000r/min 30×0.5ml 18510×g
No30639 Angle rotor 5000r/min 24×15ml 3080×g
No30627 Angle rotor 5000r/min 30×15ml 3830×g
No30437 Swing rotor 12000r/min 24 pcs Capillary 15800×g
No30444 Angle rotor 11000r/min 48×1.5/2ml 12840×g
No30980 Swing rotor 13000r/min 4×5ml 14960×g
No30935 Vertical rotor 14000r/min 16×5ml 12660×g
No30676 Microplate rotor 4000r/min 2×3×48 Well 2300×g
No306 Angle rotor 14000r/min 4×8PCR(0.2ml) 12070×g
No306 Angle rotor 13000r/min 6×8PCR(0.2ml) 16080×g
No306 Angle rotor 14000r/min 8×8PCR(0.2ml) 13390×g
No306 Angle rotor 13000r/min 12×8PCR(0.2ml) 17220×g

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