RF Power Supply Inductively Coupled Plasma(ICP)

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The RF power supply adopted by the ICP-700T has small size, high output efficiency, stable output power, and various safety protection functions such as water circuit, gas circuit and overload, which greatly improves the safety of the icp spectrometer and reduces the failure rate of the instrument.

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Safe and reliable solid-state RF power supply
The radio freguency power supply usedby the instrument has the advantages ofsmallsize,highoutputefficiency,stable output power,and various safety protection functions such as water circuit,gas circuit and overload,which greatly improves the safety of the instrument and reduces the failure rate of the instrument.

Very sensitive detector
The instrument is equipped with a high-sensitivity imported photomultiplier tube(PMT)as a detector,which can automatically set the best test parameters for different elements tobetested,soastoachievetheideal detection state and give accurate testresults. No refrigeration, no purging, and long service life.

Automatic adjustment of observation position
The instrument adopts a two-dimensional mobile platform design. The position of the torch can be adjusted in real time through the software, and the optimal observation positioncanbefoundthroughthefeedback signal value to obtain strong sensitivity and obtain accurate test results.

High degree of instrument automation
The degree of automation of the instrument is extremely high,except for thepowerswitch,alloperationsaredone by software.Intelligent software can provide real-time feedback and information prompts for various operations in real time.

Intelligent flame monitoring function
Theinstrumentisequippedwithahighlysensitiveopticalfibersensor,which can monitor the working condition oftheflameinrealtimeundertheworking state of the instrument. In case of abnormal flameout. the instrument can be automatically turned off.

Peristaltic pump sampling device
Theinstrumentisequippedwithahigh-precisionperistalticpumpwithfour channels and twelve rollers,which can ensure the accuracy of injection and prevent liquid accumulation at the same time.The speed of the peristaltic pump is continuously adjustable to meet varlous test requirements of customers.

Ultra-high resolution optical system
The instrument is equipped with an imported grating with ultra-high resolution 4320 lines,and with the unique patented optical path adjustment technology,the resolution of ordinaryinstruments is reduced from about 0.00E nm to within 0.005nm.There is no mutual interference.

Ultra-low cost of use
In the non-working state of the instrument,the power supply,cooling water tank and gas of the instrument areallturnedoffwithoutanycost.Thepurity of argon is 99.99%, and 99.999% high-purity argon is not needed, which saves at least one third of the cost.

Fully automatic ignition and matching technology
The software can be fully automaticone-key ignition,and all parameter setting changes are automatically completed. With advanced automatic matching technology,the ignition successrateishighandtheoperation is simple.

High-precision air flow control system
Theplasmagas,auxiliarygasandcarriergasintheworkoftheinstrument are all controlled by a high-precision mass flow controller(MFC).

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