SHINE is on the list of “Cutting-edge Enterprises” of “Science and Technology Innovation China”

The Science and Technology Innovation Department of China Association for Science and Technology released the “Publicity of the Selection Results of the 2021 Science and Innovation China" list, in which 100 enterprises including Qingdao Shenghan Chromatograph Technology Co., Ltd. were selected into the "Science and Innovation China - New and Cutting-edge Enterprises List".


Continuously promoting technological innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development of scientific and technological enterprises. As a company with ideals, feelings and long-term development, SHINE is also an international high-tech company. With professional and dedicated technical advantages and innovative craftsman spirit, SHINE has been rated as "National Manufacturing Single Champion Cultivation Enterprise"," China's top 500 enterprise patents (ranking 357)", "Shandong Manufacturing · High Technology Top 50 Brand", and has undertaken "National Major Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Projects" for three times in 2012, 2013 and 2016, Undertake the special "Innovation Fund for Scientific and Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" and "National Major New Product Plan" and other key projects of the Ministry of science and technology of China.

Post time: Feb-18-2022